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Replacing a roof on your home is a task that is necessary once the roof has reached its time limit. Once the warranty on the shingles is gone, homeowners can expect to see the aging of the roof rather quickly. Roof replacement or adding a new roof to your home can be the most satisfying responsibility to you and your family. As the saying goes, “A roof over your head.” Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. can keep that roof over your head from falling in!


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Our first step consists of clearing away the old roofing materials. We set up drop cloths around the area for easy disposal directly into an onsite dumpster rental. This ensures each day of the project, your home will remain safe to you and your family without having to worry about materials dropping unexpectedly. After removing the ridge cap shingles, we use a shingle fork to remove the old shingles from the top of the roof to the bottom. Next is the removal of the underlayment. We will then walk around your home to clean up any debris that may have been missed.

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Our second step in the roof replacement process would be to inspect the flashing along with installing new flashing over joints. New flashing will be installed at the drip edge, the roof’s valleys, vents, and the chimney. After securing all flashing, an ice and water barrier will be installed before the underlayment can be laid down. The underlayment catches rainwater and sheds it so as not to make the sheathing and framing damp or rot underneath. Finally, the shingles can begin with starter shingles on the bottom and sides of the roof. We will stagger each row to keep shingles from leaking water. After all shingles are installed, we will inspect the work completed. This is when the homeowner can sit back and enjoy the next thirty-plus years with a new beautiful roof.

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