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Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2022

Even though your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, it is still an essential part of your everyday routine. It is the one place that is consistently being used by everyone in the house, so why not put a little effort into how it looks? Remodeling your bathroom will take your self-care skincare routine to the next level. Here are some bathroom remodeling trends that we expect to take over in 2022. 

A Spa… in Your Home!

A bathroom is a place of wellness and relaxation. Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious spa will have you spending more me-time! We will be seeing trends such as incorporating plants going into the new year, especially with the hardships we’ve faced during this unprecedented time. Plants not only bring a calming touch but also helps reduce stress and anxiety at a time of self-care. Integrating minimalistic styles such as tiled showers and classic white finishes can create the feeling of openness and luxury a spa has to offer! 

Shower, Shower, Shower!

The gem of the bathroom for the year 2022 will be the shower! There are many remodeling options for your shower, and you are bound to find one that is perfect for you. We are seeing a rise in the popularity of wet rooms–a separate part of the bathroom dedicated to a larger walk-in shower. Wet rooms allow you to have more space in your shower without having to worry about the water damaging other elements of your bathroom. Still a bathtub fan? Consider an all-in-one shower! These spacious walk-in showers include a luxurious bathtub for when you want to soak in a nice bubble bath. 

Make a Statement! 

Your bathroom does not have to be minimalistic. If you want a bolder style for your bathroom, try statement pieces! Statement wallpaper will be a great trend of 2022 for you to incorporate; colorful or designed wallpaper can add beautiful, eye-catching detail to your bathroom. Luxurious pieces such as dazzling lighting fixtures or bold marble finishes can also easily add that wow factor you are looking for. 

Find the Right Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom!

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