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Iwano & Sons Contruction Inc. is a fully licensed and insured company that provides bathroom remodeling services to clients in Everett, Stoneham, Gloucester, Saugus, and more! Our team is an eclectic mix of professionals with one fundamental trait in common; a genuine interest in exceeding the clients expectations. We strive to not only complete the task at hand, but go beyond the work to meet the high standards of our company name.

Bathroom Design & Demolition

The designing of a new bathroom is always exciting. Usually a homeowner updates a bath when they can not deal with the old one that just doesn’t work anymore. Demolition can include making the bathroom a larger space and taking a section of a closet or adjacent room. Try adding a skylight or blocking off a window that is directly located in the shower area.

bathroom renovation design

Update Plumbing & Electrical

Plumbing is all over a bathroom while electrical only takes up a small portion. At this stage of the renovation, we will work with the vendors to achieve the dream bathroom that our customer desires.


Dry Wall & Paint

Bathrooms are mostly tight spaces so when new walls are installed and painted the interior design of the room is almost complete. Many bathrooms today paint walls instead of using tile, however, tile has come a long way and can look very modern in your space. Also, the use of wood wainscoting is a terrific addition to certain style homes.


interior painting

Floor Install

Ceramic tile is the most common material installed for bathroom flooring. The array of tile on the market today is endless. The only thing to keep in mind is how slippery a tile can be, such as, marble. Hardwood could be installed in a half bath, but not recommended for a full bathroom with the moisture content being high, wood can expand.


Cabinets, Bath, and Shower Install

Installing cabinets, countertops, and sinks give the bathroom life again. Along with the shower and tub, think about additions like custom cabinetry or an extra vanity area. Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. aims to make this bathroom timeless for you and your family.


Install Hardware, Lighting, and Faucets

Our last step in this process is adding the hardware, lighting, and faucets. This is when the homeowner can physically use the space and see their dream come to life. Bathrooms have such a high impact on family life and by having a newly remodeled one in any home brings value to the home itself as well as the people living inside of it.

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