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Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. offers floor refinishing for the dull, scratched, and stained wood floors that you may see in your home. Over time furniture nicks, scratches, and makes imprints into floors; not to mention the stains or sun spots that seem to appear when you move a rug into a different location. Floor refinishing can also come in handy when buying a new home that has flooring but you are not a fan of the basic stain color or finish that was used.

floor refinishing

Greater Boston Expert Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

We will arrive and give you a few of our ideas during our consultation. Next, we will bring in our sanders and cover all areas and rooms in order to keep the dust to a minimum. Once sanding is finished, we will locate any repairs that need to be made. After everything is repaired the staining process will start. Drying time will be necessary for the stain as well as time for multiple coats of the stain in general to achieve the desired look. Once the stain is where it needs to be regarding color, we will start on the polish, wax, or varnish. The homeowner will have a choice of appearance and durability, from matte to glossy the options seem endless. Once the process is done, your refinished wood floor will look brand new.

floor refinish
floor refinishing

Top Residential & Commercial Floor Refinishing In Everett, MA

At Iwano & Sons, we specialize in cost-effective floor restoration, a process that involves removing stains and imperfections to restore the natural beauty of your wood flooring. UnlikeĀ installing a new floor, restoration is both budget-friendly and less labor-intensive, allowing you to enjoy a stunning floor without the hefty price tag. With the capability to refinish most solid hardwood floors multiple times over their lifespan, our services ensure your flooring remains exquisite for decades to come. Whether for private residences or commercial spaces, our skilled professionals offer a range of services, from refinishing to installation. With our expertise and competitive rates, we guarantee to keep your floors and your finances in top shape, leaving your home or business looking its best.

Refurbish Your Existing Tiles In The Metro Boston Area

Over time, tubs, showers, and floor tiles can accumulate dirt, damage, and unsightly blemishes like mineral buildup, cracks, chips, and stains, diminishing the overall appeal and value of your home. However, there’s no need to undertake the costly endeavor of replacing all your bathroom tile to achieve a fresh look. Instead, entrust Boston Bathtub Boys with your tile restoration needs. Our expert team specializes in tile reglazing, offering services that include bathtub and tile resurfacing, as well as reglazing bathroom tiles in the color of your choice. From ceramic to porcelain, and from tub and shower tiles to backsplashes, walls, and floors, our comprehensive refinishing services are tailored to revitalize your space with quality and precision.

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