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Summer Renovation Ideas For Your Home

Just as the season changes, your home’s interior must follow suit. The perfect summer is about creating the most memories under the brightest sun, longer days, and clearest skies. Are you looking for the ideal summer aesthetics? Are you looking to spend family time doing outdoor activities From the comfort of your home? Do you want to relax and soak up the sun all from your home? Then look no further because this guide makes your home look and feel summer-ready.

Retouch Outdoor Sitting Area

The warmth of the weather calls for a lot of outdoor activities. You want to create an outdoor experience for your loved ones this summer by retouching the designs of your sitting area.  The setup should be around your compound, with enough sunlight and a cool breeze. You want to introduce a fire pit for cool summer nights and a barbecue area, all next to the sitting area. The furniture style should be cozy and warm for the fireplace. Sofas and smaller pieces of side tables should be done to ensure that they don’t block doorways for ventilation.

Build A Garden Area

Gardens are aesthetically pleasing for summer. If you don’t already have a garden, this is the best season to create yours. You can grow beautiful plants and flowers and add garden furnishings (grey or white flower vases and pots, lounge chairs, etc.) to make it conducive to relaxation. You should illuminate your garden with beautiful lights for aesthetics, especially at night, and create a pathway for easy access and movement around the garden.

Switch Up Furniture

As far as furniture goes, for the summer, you should consider something lightweight like rattan chairs, rattan sofas, dining sets, or wooden lounge chairs to give your outdoor space that summer feel. This is perfect for relaxation and long-lasting in the summer because of rain or sunshine. The best part about rattan furniture is that it is easy to maintain. You only need to clean and polish it regularly. You want your home to be beach-style and feel vacation-ready.

Backyard & Deck Revamp 

The weather is just suitable for renovation, and redoing your deck should be on your list for summer renovations. You can install outdoor rugs for beautification, paint the wooden areas to give them a fresh look and fix old and damaged areas. The backyard is one of the most used areas of the house during summer because the weather demands that you’re outside enjoying the cool breeze or getting a tan. Extending your renovations to that area of your home is only fitting.

Refresh Your Painting 

Renovations are complete with giving your living space a new look in terms of painting. There’s no perfect season to take on painting projects like the summer because the paint dries up faster, which means they’d last longer. Choosing a bright and neutral color like white opens up your home and makes it look more spacious. Besides, it adds a clean and classy aesthetic to your space. For a fresh look, you could explore other warm colors in your bedrooms (like soft blue pastels). You should refresh your entire home’s painting, including the rooms, living room, kitchen, and exterior. 

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Summertime is an excellent time to focus on outdoor projects because the weather is on board. There’s enough sunlight to help dry up paint; the longer days provide enough time to finish work. It is one renovation project that the whole family can enjoy. If you have been thinking about giving your home a facelift, this is all the sign you need to get started. And if you need an expert to transform your home, book a consultation with Iwano & Sons today. Start by calling 781-435-2126 and filling out our online contact form.

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