Kitchen Remodeling

Step One: Design and Demolition

Whether you have an old, run down kitchen or one that is too small, this part of the project is fun! This is when you can imagine your dream kitchen. We will listen to all your needs and wants and find a layout and design that works best for our customer and their home. When demolishing a kitchen, we take into consideration all the working pieces. Maybe you have grown away from dark cabinets, or you realized marble counters are not for everyone, we can recycle these items to give them a second life somewhere else.

Step Two: Update Plumbing and Electrical

If the new kitchen design relocates the stovetop from the wall to the island, this will require updating the electrical and plumbing. Also, think of new mood lighting trends. Sconces, pendants, chandeliers, and under cabinet lighting for a few electrical ideas. Plumbing would also include moving of a sink or adding in a vegetable wash station, or even a pot filler.

Step Three: Drywall and Paint

Now that planning and prepping are under way, we can start visualizing with new drywall and paint. This is where we see the plan come to fruition. Putting up new walls or new dividers or even a new kitchen island can let the homeowner take a breath of air. Finally, the design is coming to life with real objects that you can see and touch.

Step Four: Install Flooring

Tile or hardwood flooring are the most used in kitchen designs. Both choices are durable and timeless. Think of the flow of the house and other rooms off the kitchen to make your final choice of material and color.

Step Five: Install Cabinets and Countertops

Now the homeowner has a big smile. The cabinets in a kitchen take up a big amount of space so when they are installed the color and material of them are noteworthy. The countertops are also a high ticket, happy item for the homeowner, meaning it’s usually a good portion of the budget and since the sample is usually very small, it’s very satisfying to see a big piece of the stone in place.

Step Six: Install Appliances, Hardware, Lighting, Faucets, and Backsplash

At this time, the project will see multiple vendors from appliance installers to plumbers and electricians. We will add a backsplash or other ornate details at this time. Finally, it is time to enjoy your new renovated kitchen.