Basement & Attic Finishing

Adding more space in your home by finishing a basement or an attic would be a no brainer! Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. would be there to help every step of the way. Sometimes basements are the better choice for a finishing project especially if they have a walk out door and windows. If the basement feels too cave-like, then head upstairs to the attic. The attic may have more natural light and the character of the home tends to shine through with the style of the roof. Also, most people keep storage in these two rooms of the house, think about having one be finished off, where will you move the storage items to? Basements can be broken into different areas to hold extra stuff, but an attic can be trickier since the shape of the room could already be limiting from the peaks of the house. Either choice will give the homeowner more room to grow without adding onto the foundation.