The Power Washing team applies the same basic process to each worksite with tailored detergents that best meet the needs of the material and space we will be working with. 

Step One: Evaluation 

Every project starts with a free estimate and a complete assessment of your project. We begin with a conversation with the homeowner to better understand what finish and look they want to achieve. 

Next, we work with the homeowner to select a test area. This space allows us to evaluate the material’s response to our cleaning, stripping, and brightening processes. We count on this step to help us select the best stripping agent, brightening agent, stain, and sealer for your project, if necessary. During this step, we also measure the pre-project moisture content of the material, especially wood. 

Step Two: Cleaning, Stripping and Brightening 

After completing the test area and assessment, we hand scrub and brush the project with the detergents chosen for this specific job. Next, we dive into the stripping and brightening process. Our team selects the stripping, brightening, and neutralizing detergents based on the results of our test area evaluation. We’re dedicated to selecting a product that will get you excellent results. This is when the power wash machine is called to the job site.  After the power wash with the specific agents, we let the project dry for two to three days. This ensures that the moisture is completely out before applying a sealer and stain. 

Step Three: Staining and Sealing 

This step is only necessary when wood is involved, such as a deck. Stain application is usually achieved using several different methods for any given project. We are happy to use a stain color chosen by the homeowner or can recommend oil based or latex colors and finishes. For sealing, we use Tung Oil for optimal long-lasting results.

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