Deck Repair & Rejuvenation

Iwano & Sons is proud to provide complete deck repair & rejuvenation services to Everett and the entire Boston Massachusetts area. In addition to repairing existing decks, we also design & build custom decks from the ground up. Keep reading to learn more about our process.

Inspection and Preparation 

Our first step is to inspect the deck in its entirety. We will look for any rot, weak spots, and house connection issues.  Next, we find out from the home owner what they have in mind for the project. This could be anything from fixing the broken stair to a whole deck redesign.  Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. will give our feedback and supply ideas that will be structurally feasible in the space and in budget. Then, we clear and clean out the rotted or unwanted deck framing or flooring. Our most important part of deck renovation is safety. The deck will be closed off while we are working to prevent falling and injuries. Please be aware this could last several days. 

Deck Installation 

New footings and new framing will be installed and concrete will be dry before working on the next step in the process.  Floor boards, steps, and railings will be cut and fitted.  Iwano and Sons Construction works with wood, PVC, and Trex systems for decking. Each material will have their own process such as the hidden screws that can be added with Trex. This is all the homeowner’s preference and can be decided based on maintenance requirements and longevity of the decking. 

Cleaning & and Inspection

If the decking renovation only required a few new floor boards or new railings, the homeowner would benefit from adding a power wash service to the whole deck. This will help maintain the old deck appearance with the new. Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. always likes to keep our work space clean, not only for the aesthetic view, but also for safety reasons.  At the end of the job, our crew will inspect the site to make sure that all loose materials, such as nails, are cleaned up and all deck furniture and décor is back in the original place.