General Contracting

Our Process

Step One: Initial Meeting

General Contractors play an integral role for the homeowner. To simply put it, we will hire and take care of all the professionals you would need to get the job done! At our initial meeting, we will talk about expectations, timelines, and budgets. Next, we will discuss the professionals necessary to complete the work, such as, electricians or plumbers. General contracting is known to be a stress reliever for our clients. Imagine having to call the lumber yard, the tile company, the plumber, the granite company, the insulation company, etc. all in one day! We would never want our clients to take time out of their busy day to deal with the usual calls of a general contractor.

Step Two: Scheduling and Management

After choosing the professionals for the outsourcing work, we will have to schedule their time wisely. For example, flooring needs to be in before appliances are to be delivered. This is all behind the scenes for us to know, and for our client to see the progress each day. We will keep the work on track by managing each part of the project with supplies and workers. At the completion of each day, we will clean our work area, as well as keep our vendors, or other professionals, to the high standard that we expect.

Step Three: Completion and Inspection

As the project comes closer to completion, the homeowner will be amazed at how effortlessly this has come together. After our own inspection, we will walk around the site with the homeowner giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide feedback while we are still on site. Our most important job is to have the customer happy with the results.