Whether it is cedar shingles or vinyl siding, Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. is the one stop shop for it all. We will carefully select a product with your budget, home style, and effort of maintenance in mind. If the homeowner is looking to re- side a full house or add siding to a new structure, the process will be different, but the quality will remain the same for installing siding.

Step One: Remove Existing Siding

Our first step focuses on removing the existing siding, trim, fascia, and soffit, as necessary. We will then inspect the sheathing under the siding and wood trim. At this time, we would inspect all areas in search of damage, mold, or leakage.

Step Two: Installation of Wrap

Installing house wrap is necessary to protect sheathing. We will then flash the windows and doors. Taping the seams of the house wrap provides a water barrier in case of water intrusion.

Step Three: Installation of Inside and Outside Corners

Installing corners gives the home a finished, well-manicured look while preventing water damage. Also, the new siding will tuck neatly into these areas providing the high-quality look that is preferred by our home owners. This step will also include installing of J- Channel and J- Blocks around windows, doors, and electrical components.

Step Four: Starter and Siding Installation

At this time, the starter will be installed around the perimeter of the home which will hold the first row of siding in place. Next, we will start leveling and nailing down the siding to fit neatly into the J-Channel, J-Blocks, and corners. After all siding is tightly secured, we will apply caulking to all necessary areas.

Step Five: Clean and Inspect

Iwano and Sons Construction, Inc. always likes to keep our work space clean, not only for the aesthetic view, but also for safety reasons. We will always store away siding materials, ladders, drop cloths, and other equipment at the end of each work day. At the end of the job, our crew will inspect the site to make sure that all materials are not on the ground or in landscaping around the home. After our own inspection, we will walk around the site with the homeowner giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide feedback while we are still on site. Our most important job is to have the customer happy with the results.

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