Remodeling & Construction - Cambridge, MA

Iwano & Sons Construction Inc. offers home and business improvement services to home and business owners in Cambridge, MA. From renovations to flooring and remodeling, our team is guaranteed to provide quality craftsmanship. We strive to exceed expectations and complete our projects with 100% customer satisfaction.

Tiling Services - Cambridge, MA

Iwano & Sons Construction, Inc. provides tiling services for residential and commercial clients in Cambridge, MA. Tiles come in different colors, sizes, and styles and can enhance the aesthetic of your home. We have a thorough process to ensure a proper installation. We prepare the surface to be tiled–clean the area and remove moldings, trims, and appliances. Then we layout the tiles according to the client’s preference and adhere them to the area. Lastly, we lay and polish the grout for a long-lasting and beautiful application.

bathroom remodel

Roofing Services - Cambridge, MA

Replacing a damaged or old roof is a necessary task for homeowners. To prevent any issues with your home, investing in a new roof will give you peace of mind. Iwano & Sons Construction, Inc. provides roofing services for clients in Cambridge, MA. Our process consists of taking away the old roofing materials, installing new flashing and underlayment, and installing new shingles. We are passionate about completing our projects with the highest quality.

Hardwood Flooring Services - Cambridge, MA

A freshly installed hardwood floor does wonders for a home. Hardwood flooring will always be popular amongst homeowners–its timeless and classic look cannot be beaten. It is durable and long-lasting, perfect for any situation in any home. Our team will work with the homeowner to pick the best wood, stain, and finish for the job. We have an expansive knowledge of wood quality and proper installation techniques to ensure enough breathing room for your flooring.

Floor refinishing

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