How to Protect Your Floors from Furniture

You just installed your beautiful new floors to complete your space. But how can you maintain them to keep them looking brand-new? Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keeping your floors tidy; however, your furniture still poses a threat to scratching the surface. Continue reading to learn how to protect your floors from your furniture. 



Prepare Your Floors for Moving Furniture

Now that your new floors are installed, it is time to bring your furniture back in. Constant dragging of heavy furniture can damage your floors by scratching, scuffing, or denting the surface. Invest in moving pads to avoid unnecessary marks with bringing heavier items into your home. 

If you have carpet, you may think it can protect your floors from damage, which is far from the case. It is still possible for heavy furniture to damage your floors under your carpet. Consider purchasing carpet protectors that keep your furniture from creating marks and indents. 

Floor Protectors

The easiest and most common way to protect your floors is by purchasing furniture floor protectors. Chair leg floor protectors come in many different sizes, making it easy to find ones perfect for your furniture. These protectors are made of felt with an adhesive that sticks to the bottom of your furniture. This felt material protects your floors from scratches, scuffs, and other damage. Not only are floor protectors effective, but they are also inexpensive.

There is a plastic alternative to the felt pads that are perfect for furniture that is more prone to sliding. Couches and chairs are likely to shift when people sit on them; therefore, the non-slip plastic protectors will keep them in place to prevent floor damage. 

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