Tips for Preparing for a Home Remodel

A home remodel can be an exciting time for homeowners. Finally implementing your unique aesthetic and creating a new space for your home is fun! However, the process can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t prepare correctly. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your home remodel project.

Organize the Project

Before you begin hiring contractors, interior designers, and other professionals to help you with your remodel, you should do your research, plan your budget, and solidify your plan for the remodel. What is your end goal for your home? Do you plan on selling or staying for years to come? Based on this information, you can determine what tasks in the remodeling process are a priority. After you solidify your plan, it is time to create a budget. This goes hand in hand with researching; research contractors and their prices along with material pricing, etc., to formulate a budget around that information. 

Prepare Your Home & Family

Whether you are remodeling a small area in your home or the entire space, it is important to prepare your home and family for the process. Make sure to store valuables somewhere safe and clean your house before starting the remodel. This will ensure everything goes smoothly without worrying about things in the way. If you are remodeling a small area like the kitchen or a bedroom, dedicate another area to replace that space. If you are remodeling the whole house, find a place for your family to stay in the meantime–a guesthouse, hotel, etc. 

Find the Best Contractor for You

Home remodeling isn’t typically a DIY project unless you have significant construction experience. You will likely hire a professional to help with the project. Make sure to research the best contractor for you and know this is an investment. Do not hire a professional with the lowest rates if their work isn’t the best. Ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors, read reviews, and base your judgment on that. Once you find your top candidates, research their credentials, and ask for documentation on licensing and insurance. 

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