small bathroom with natural lighting from window, light blue walls, and mirror above the sink

Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A bathroom remodel is always the best recipe for an enjoyable atmosphere. Having a bathroom that is luxurious and comfortable truly enhances your home. However, it can be harder for those with smaller bathrooms. A small layout can make your space cramped and lackluster. There are ways you can transform your small bathroom to make it seem bigger. For your next project, consider the following tips to reach your goals. 

small bathroom with natural lighting from window, light blue walls, and mirror above the sink

Update Your Shower

The shower is the part of your bathroom that most likely takes up the most space. Although a large marble bathtub may feel glamorous, if you have a smaller bathroom, it will make the area cramped and constricted. Consider a frameless, clear glass shower–this option naturally makes the bathroom look bigger and creates more space. Another option would be a doorless shower such as a walk-in or a wet room. Both create the illusion of a bigger space by allowing the eye to travel further. 

Opt for Spacious Storage

Bathrooms require storage for all of your toiletries and products. But bulky storage options make a small bathroom even more crowded. Opt for hidden storage that can open up more space for you. Replace a cabinet with a pedestal sink for more floor space. Before making decisions, think about which piece of space you’d have to sacrifice. Having a pedestal sink is great for gaining more floor space, but your countertop space will shrink. 

Invest in a Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint immediately enhances the space and makes it look brand new. You could also use paint to open up the area. Typically, lighter, neutral colors will make your bathroom appear larger. Shades of white, light blue, and beige can work with the natural lighting and fixtures in your bathroom and make your space feel less cramped. Therefore, when you plan for your bathroom remodel, consider these tips for your walls.

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